BRADBURY is an intimate manufacturing company where passion for craftsmanship and pride in one’s work is part of everyday life. Striving for ‘Quality rather than Quantity’, BRADBURY blends the beauty of traditional hand workmanship with the convenience of modern technology, thus creating quality upholstered furniture for diverse lifestyles. It is synonymous with top quality design, affordability and comfort for Today’s customer.

Many of the latest designs from BRADBURY are considered trendsetters even though fashion is only given a chance if it has attached to it the values of taste, reason and function. As a result of the experience of its craftsmen, exquisite detail is particularly noticeable in all BRADBURY furniture.

BRADBURY intend remaining at their present size in order to retain the intimacy and personalization on the service side, and the quality and hand-craftsmanship on the manufacturing side which is responsible for its success.


From conception to completion, the manufacturing process encompasses many essential operations. The care exercised by diligent & highly trained individuals is imperative for the quality of the end product. Therefore, BRADBURY furniture passes through scores of busy hands before final ‘signing off’ by the quality control inspectors.

Upholstered furniture not only has a significant influence on the harmony and beauty of the whole living area, but is also subject to considerable ‘wear’. Therefore, every stitch, every seam, every pleat is skillfully crafted to produce the best possible product. There is hardly any other commodity in the furnishing sector for which a wide interpretation of the term ‘Quality’ applies, especially as far as things you cannot see are concerned.


To ensure maximum strength and durability, all BRADBURY frames are manufactured with a blend of selected top-quality timbers and board. All cross-members and support rails are machined from timber at least double the necessary thickness. Proof of this is in the 'Lifetime Guarantee' (if in normal use) each frame carries. No inferior raw materials, from the timber to the adhesives, are even considered for production purposes.


To provide the long-term total comfort required for BRADBURY furniture, only the best polyether foam & fiber products are used, BRADBURY encapsulates all their foam components with polyester in order to ensure ultra comfort and durability. To create the soft, luxuriant feel of 'natural down', very special and extremely expensive 'fiber-balls' are utilized. All BRADBURY frames are fully clad and no expense is spared in raw materials.

Raw materials are carefully compared and chosen, and are aimed at attaining a complete seating satisfaction. Although modern machinery does ease the workload, the decisive stages of upholstery always draw from the wealth of experienced hand-craftsmen and their traditional methods and principles. Inherent comfort cannot be imitated and there should be no compromise regarding comfort. Therefore, a responsible manufacturer’s passion has to reach far beyond just sheer function and design. Together, creativity, originality and a function-orientated material consciousness made BRADBURY what it is today.